Episaviors R4R Train!

Are you interested in doing R4Rs and being a part of a R4R train? Well, my group, @episaviors_ on Instagram, just started doing a R4R train to help out small, underrated authors. If you’re interested in doing a R4R with some of the members in my group, fill out the form below.

R4R Form

NOTE: You HAVE to Instagram for this because it’ll be easier for my group members to contact you back and forth about you and their story. If you filled out our R4R form, please comment down below that you did.

Thank you in advance!


Just submitted a form! Thanks for offering this to us! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you!

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Anyone interested in R4R, just fill the form posted above.
You can also do multiple R4Rs.

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Just did it

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Thanks. We will contact you soon.

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Ours r4r forms are open.

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Thank you for the offer
I am new and I am already just upload my stories yesterday
I love to do R4R as many as I can​:heart::balloon:

I am already submit the form👍🏻

Got it :+1:

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Hi lovey
Thank you for the thread
I would love to be part of it
I will add you on Instagram :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good to know. Thanks

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