Episodd writing partner needed!

Hi everyone! My name is Madison and I’m looking for a writing partner. I’m new to writing on episode and I havent tried to make a story yet. But I love reading and writing stories and I’m hoping to write a story with someone on episode, I havent started yet and I was hoping we could come up with everything together. If your interested please reply here or contact me on Instagram @Omgitsmadison.xoxo thanks!:blush:


sure, why not?

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Could you contact me on Instagram?

Heyy I’m here if you need one more :joy:, if

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Hey, could you contact me on Instagram?

Do you have a snapchat? I don’t have Instagram downloaded, but if you don’t have snap i’ll get it back. :joy:

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I have snapchat but its private so what’s so yours?

its @caashhhj :slightly_smiling_face:

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I added you :blush: message me