Episode: A Message To All

Hello! I’m Holly nice to meet you. So recently I’ve been seeing a lot of things about limelight are being updated, now- where’s ink?

You would’ve thought since ink is the most preferred style on episode they’d update it more often? Well- that’s not the case here! Now, some updates I’d really like to see are weight (or different body types) such as pre made ones. for example you can click on one and it would automatically change, and then ones you can make yourself. I hate people reading this app and maybe feeling insecure because there’s no-one like them? It would make far better stories and people can relate more with the characters.

Now, I understand limelight is popular now and gaining more attention but lots of people will still be wanting more ink items- like… where are the tattoos for women in ink? Where are the beards etc for boys? In limelight you can give them special features which makes the unique, though you can’t do that in ink!

That makes me annoyed frankly because it’s important people see what other people go through to help, and to relate. If you agree with this make sure to like because the more likes, the more chance episode will see this and take action, if you have any other different opinions (which again, everyone is entitled to their own decisions and shouldn’t be told otherwise) make sure to leave a comment down below.

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