Episode Adaptation Of Doki Doki Literature Club!

I’m a new author, and was wondering if anyone wanted to help me with an episode adaptation of the video game Doki Doki Literature Club. It would be really cool! So basically, I would keep the dialogue and plot but maybe add more choices, and I would also include the cool glitches, even the very rare ones. The reader would also be able to save and load games and mess around with character files like in the original game, so the coding might be really complicated! So can anyone help with that?

I’ll be busy soon so if you’re interested, reply as soon as possible! Also, don’t steal this idea!

You don’t have the rights to use the idea. The game has copyrights so if you try to use the idea, it would mean you are plagiarizing it.

But what if I don’t publish it? (I’m not very confident so I’m probably going to work on a few unpublished stories before I make an actual published one)

If you don’t then it’s okay? I guess…If you do, then there will be a problem. Just read the guidelines please.