Episode Amanda EA

Hey so I was wondering what episode Amanda ea does

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So, what I’ve HEARD it is, is that you go into her story, and you can customize a character and choose from lots of clothing options she has, then choose from animations and stuff so that you can screenshot it and use it for an edit.

I have never used it, and may be off on what it is, but since no one else is responding, that’s what I think it is. lol



omg screw off! y i k e s

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Meanie :sneezing_face:

You was wondering what episode Amanda ea was earlier

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when i saw this i was thinking- i thought you already knew!

but aldkjfa;we ur so mean

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I did
I just didn’t know how to explain to you
Staph bullying me :pleading_face: and your mean

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That makes you

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