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Hello, Loves! How are you? :sparkling_heart: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts:

I’m having a slow day today and I just figure I read up on some episode stories and watch some anime, and is wondering do anyone have some recommendations.

I want to read a fantasy story that doesn’t revolve around romance, like at all. I don’t want any romance.

Same with anime. I want to watch a anime about a journey that doesn’t have any romance. I’m serious, not even a pinch of romance, but rather a friendship.

So any recommendations?


Firstble, let me present you my story, without lame ass romance, bad boys, prego chicas or teacher gang leader and of course werewolf.

Music in our hearts by Mary-P

You’re a straight A student with a passion for art but don’t have any talent. When a mysterious voice leads you to 3 Muses of the Mythology, magic offers you a new perspective.


Aaaaah. Now we’re talking! Animes.
Watch Charlotte. Like right now.
YOU won’t guess where the plot is taking you.

Death Parade. A masterpiece.


SAKAMOTO DESU. A hilarious parody of all the shonen MC with their fan service and everything.


Awesome! I will most definitely read your story, as well as look up does animes. Thank you for the recommendations and if you find any more please message me them, be it here or in pms. Again, thank you so much!:sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::grinning:


Charlotte has romance in it :joy:


Hey! I have a creepy anime… It’s called Angels Of Death
A good one to watch is My Hero Academia


Not really!
You have to wait since the very very very end, my dear.
There’s no romance, at all.


It still has romance in it


Beautiful anime but not to much romance.
Simply graceful.:sob:


Oh whatever, I’m out


My hero Academia :joy::joy::joy:.
Ochako Is so cute.
She is so obviously in love with AHEUM.


Ooh oooh little witch academia is a magic anime! No romance as far as I can remember :thinking:

As for a journey… My Hero Academia is awesome! I haven’t caught up but I don’t think there is romance but in all honesty, I don’t like watching romance either.

I have not watched anime in a while so I cannot think of many off the top of my head but I will be back once I can think of some…

Not too sure about Episode though since most stories I read somehow try to rn corporate romance?


I’ve watched Little Witch Academia, it was a good anime.


Then I think you’ll like My Hero Academia! They have a bit in common and it’s one of the best right now.


I tried My Hero Academia. I couldn’t really get into it, but thank you for the recommendation! If anything else come to mind please message me! :blush:


Ooh I see. Hmmmm let me think about it…

Ahhh, what genres do you prefer in anime? That might help to be honest because I’ve watched quite a few but despite some of them being part of the same genre I don’t like all?

Some popular ones I haven’t watched includes Gintama, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach,

I want to watch Durarara!! But I don’t know if it’s good.

I liked Blue Exorcist to be honest! Soul Eater doesn’t have romance and I started watching Claymore but that’s pretty intense.


My preferred genres are Fantasty, Adventure, Magic, Supernatural, and on occasions Subgenre Slice of Life.

Also Claymore and Blue Exorcist are two of my favorite anime, well next to Noir and Madlax.


What about Record of Lodoss War?


karneval ! One of my favorite anime series! It has fantasy and a splash of comedy to it :slight_smile:

The law of ueki is another good one


I’ll have to check it out.:blush:


Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll check it out. :grinning: