Episode and Anime



Eva let’s PM sometimes!
I see we have almost the same taste in animes :nerd_face:


Lol, Sure. Whenever you tune into a new anime let me know and I’ll do the same, alright?:sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts: :blush:


Does it have to be anime or would cartoons also do? Most series I know are a little older, though. Like Dungeons and Dragons. Or He-man.


Anime and Cartoons are fine. :blush:


Aaah Charlotte and Death parade. Its so good. I finished Death parade a few days ago and Decim is just too much. Everyone is actually


Charlotte was sooooo good. I freaking loved it so much. Definitely in my favorites section.



I even made my mom watch the whole season and she LOVES IT


Killed me and brought me life at the same time.


You said it right.


Yep. The story started from somewhere and went to somewhere completely unexpected. The whole story and the characters including Otosaka Yu was so nicely created


okay okay okay,
what if it’s not a pinch of romance but more of an atom like it’s something "hinted"at like once but never happens.


As long as the anime doesn’t revolve around romance and the female or male LI doesn’t think about the LI 24/7 in every chapter than it’ll be fine. Or If the Male/Female doesn’t have two LI but just the one, and doesn’t care more about the second Male/Female rather than the one He/She is supposedly with. That’s what turned me off of Bleach because Ichigo was with Orihime but, it was obvious he care more about Rukia than her. That asshole led poor Orihime on and it pissed me the hell off!
Same with Inuyasha! And that is why I despise more the one LI in Anime.

Anyways… Apologies for the rant and please let me know of any recommendations you have. :sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::blush:


Shingeki no Kyojin might be what you’re looking for.


I tried that anime for a while but, I couldn’t really get into it. :upside_down_face:

Any other anime you recommend? :sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::thinking:


Can’t remember any, I’ll let you know if I find some.


Alrighty, then. Thank you! :sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::smile:


One Punch Man has not an ounce of romance.

Mob Psycho has basically none. He has a crush on someone, but she is in it for about 5 mins

HunterXHunter doesn’t have any romance I can remember.

To be honest, though, the best animes have romance in them, but they just don’t make it the only purpose.


I loved all of those!

I don’t really think so. There can be mixes between each of What’s the best and what’s not. Honestly depends on your opinion and what you think.:upside_down_face:


They’re great ones! I feel like it’s difficult to find anime with no romance. Love is a part of life and probably one of the most all-inclusive emotions, so most mangakas try to represent it


Like I said, really goes for the kind of person you are and what kinds of animes and mangas you’re interested to. I’m personally not really a fan of romance and the lovey dovey stuff as I’m usually attracted to the characters who don’t have a love interest.
But I respect your opinion and I am in no way going against it.