Episode and Spouses

How do you deal with Episode and spouses?
Im stuck in the house with my fiance due to covid, which is fine I enjoy being with him but its like I can’t get space to read Episode stories on the app, or code my story I’m working on
he always comes up and asks what I’m doing on my phone, not in a demanding way but in a curious way,
I’m kind of “ashamed” that I read Episode and coding a story, I don’t know what it is, so I don’t tell him but then it looks like cheating when I’m not
Or Im at the table on the computer coding and looking up backgrounds and he just comes up next to me, and he gets suspicious that I change tabs or close it, like I just want privacy, thinking about coming clean. It was just so much easier when we worked because I’d be home for hours before he came home
Just wondering how you guys handle it in your own lives?


I would just tell him, tbh. I told my husband and explained that it’s a platform that allows me to fully animate a story I’d written. He was supportive of it and even gave me dedicated time to work in it by playing with the kids or making dinner so I’d have time to focus. Lol


I’m not married but as for reading and coding on Episode, I shared everything with my boyfriend and he has no objection. He even read my stories.
As your fiance will someday be your spouse, it is better not to conceal anything from him :blush:


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I know what you mean. Its hard to find time to write since quarantine. My bf is really clingy and wants my attention 24/7 which I love, but he doesn’t give me enough space to do anything. We compromised tho. He let me have 2-3 days of the week alone so I can work on coding or sculpting, etc.

I’d just tell him and also ask him to give you some dedicated time to focus on coding.

I was embarrassed at first, but then I started having my husband help me with contest entries. He willingly read my garbage LOL.

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I told my bf (we live together). He read my first contest entry (while I hid under the table giggling like a schoolgirl and for context- I’m currently 31 and was like 28 at the time lol). He got annoyed that the MC (which he’d customised and named to be me) was making out with some guy named Damon :joy:

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