Episode app bug

My friend and I were writing a story together, so I had to log into her account to code with her. I’d log back into my account whenever I wanted to read a story and experienced no problems. However, I’m experiencing problems now. Some of the stories that she reads are showing up in MY library and some of the stories we both read where she has completed it and where I have not shows up as completed for me. For example, my friend has caught up to the shaw brothers 50/50 whereas I’m currently on chapter 20 something. In my library, it shows up as 50/50, but when I click on the story it’ll return to 20. Is anyone else facing this issue? (sorry if i worded this confusingly)

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Hey there @meiepii, please contact the support team via help ticket! They’d be more than happy to help you with this issue. :smiley: