Episode app crashes when I reset my story

Ive never had this happen to me before, I started writing a story like a year ago and whenever I’d reset the story progress it’d be completely fine.

After coming back to it after a long break whenever I press “reset story progress” it just boots me out the app 🥲

Anyone know how to fix this or have any suggestions? It’s pretty annoying especially when you have overlays flying everywhere


I’d say submit a ticket if it keeps happening!

Just did, I forgot about that feature haha thanks, hopefully they have a solution- in the mean time I’ll just keep trying to see if anything helps

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No problem lol, I hope they’re able to help you soon I know it must be frustrating! :sob:

Yes I’ve been having the same problem

I am having the same problem… :joy:

@Lexi.000 @Alishka.Writes I’ll let you two know when Episode respond and if they give a solution that works I’ll pop it on here


oh okay…thanks a lot… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well I’ve gotten a response back, and they said they couldn’t fix the issue :,(( They said they’d try to release a repair in the future update but that could take weeks and it’s not guaranteed to fix the issue

They told me for now just use the writer portal viewer


Okay thank you

That sucks man…:confused:

Mine does the same. Was wondering if it was an issue with my phone

Same here. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’m having the same issue and when I preview it in the web previewer, it stops the chapter.