Episode app crashing all time

I have been trying to get on my app for weeks now it’s getting me down I have done everything and I mean everything there is nothing else I can do please please someone help

Did you send a support ticket?

Ye sent loads reinstalled about 100 times reset my phone everything nothing works

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Sending more than one trouble ticket will cause the support team to get to your original ticket at a later time due to it being pushed back into the queue. Please only submit one ticket and wait for a response from the team. If you have any further questions for them or need to let them know of anything please respond to the ticket once you receive the response.

Thanks and sorry to see this is happening :frowning:

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Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. A year ago something similar happened to me and I couldn’t play Episode for that entire year. It was funny because it didn’t function on my device but yeah on my dad’s so it make me eliminate The idea of the internet being the issue. Later, ai bought me another device and it worked. So I don’t know ;b

I don’t think I can wait an entire year I already have a iPhone XR can’t really afford to upgrade my phone I just hope they get back to me soon thankyou

Then it must be another issue, I really don’t come up with anything right now. So, I hope that, too. Good Luck, girl. :grin::two_hearts:

That happened to me a few days ago, I just unistalled it and that fixed it

@Sue345 I use an XR too, same issue for me!

I’m considering getting a iPhone 11 just hope it works then

@Sue345 I think it’s just the app that needs updating as currently it is not compatible with the most recent Apple update

Hello @Sue345, I’m Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum! I’ve moved this thread to Report a Bug Mobile App since this isn’t a portal issue. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink: