**Episode app crashing** when I reset my story progress after I submit a request!

Hi everyone,

I did submit a request and ticket a support to Episode. They did reply to me and I follow instructions the steps. I have no problem with my phone and troubleshooting step. But I waited for 1 month after they fixing an issue in the episode app. I thought they did work to resolve this issue but I checked on my app again. It’s not definitely not working again;

Do you have any similar like me when you reset your new story progress when the episode app crashing? Like checking on beta checker, navigate, reset chapter story and reset all progress?

I’m waiting for checking on my phone before I will going to publishing a new stories for this year.



Yes, the same thing has been happening to me. Can’t reset my story, it just crashes the app :persevere:

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I think it’s happening to all of us! Unfortunately there’s a lot of glitches these days and Episode refuse to acknowledge it.
They only tend to listen to the authors whose stories they’ve featured. I submitted a ticket the other day and the reply I got implied that they were saying there is no glitch and that my phone is the issue, yet they also stated [but if you’re having a problem with the story “feel me”, we’re currently working with the author to resolve this.]
Umm, I never mentioned “feel me”… I mentioned my own story. Which basically goes to show that they don’t read the message that we send when we submit tickets, and they don’t care to resolve anything unless it involves a featured story.

Sorry but… it’s not EVERYONE’S phone that’s the problem, it’s their app!


That’s so shame. How many days you are waiting for episode team fixing issue? Did you submit the ticket support?

Really? I didn’t know the ‘feel me’ having a glitch and problem on feature by episode story. I have no problem with the ‘feel me’ and its working to me. Unfortunately, They read my message about my own story and need to reset the progress whole my new story and reply a lots however they said, ‘This is currently a known issue in the Episode app. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes.’ and ‘Thank you for your understanding and your patience while we work to resolve this issue!’

I waited my last activity is one month and they didn’t fixing after an issue. I reinstalling an app again and try to story progress and keeping crashing again. I be like… :roll_eyes:

They only tend to listen to the authors whose stories they’ve featured.

That’s means the authors having their stories community on selves or what like DD contest, Gems Contest, Black Month Selves etc?

Or are they put the stories who features with full gems?

Sorry but… it’s not EVERYONE’S phone that’s the problem, it’s their app!

Yes, I agree with you! I don’t understand why after I’m hiatus in last year and continuing work in progress in new stories;

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^ No, not authors of stories on shelves.
I mean the authors of stories that they feature. The stories that they buy from authors and then turn into Episode Originals. [Such as “Feel Me”, for example! The very second that those Episode Original stories and the authors who wrote them have an issue, they’re so quick to resolve it. But for the rest of us, they’re not so quick!] :woman_shrugging:t3:

Because so many of us have been having issues with the app closing on us as soon as we hit “reset story progress”, yet months later and nothing has been done.

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It’s been like that every since the last few updates. I haven’t sent a ticket yet I was waiting for new update, hoping it would fix it but it didn’t :sweat_smile: I’ll send a ticket !

^ I see! Yeah I get it. I didn’t surprise that Episode Teams targets only from authors and into Episode Originals. Thanks for answers! That’s true who they didn’t reply to the all of us, as they’re not resolving issue.

That’s so shame that us having an issue with the app closing as same time “reset story progress.” I thought I waited for so long and exciting about my stories coming soon before I checking on overlays, branching and choice matters are important to clear as cleaning as perfect. I checked to my story progress are confusing the branching are not make sense to gender choices and love interest branching. I checked on my writing portal are perfect fine and no problem with this. This problem with the app are annoying. I don’t want to messing up on my stories while 'glitch, missing on writing and coding again over. ’ :exploding_head:

Is it updating for your new stories or new art releases? I knew every Thursdays have art releases and every Fridays have a new shelves in one week.

Did you making a new stories on writing portal after checking on app? If you have a problem and let me know what happen after you will send a ticket. :sweat_smile:

I meant the app updates :stuck_out_tongue: I noticed this glitch happened since the last 3rd update or something :smiling_face_with_tear:

It does that for every one of my stories unfortunately :sweat_smile:. I’ll let you know when I send a ticket!

it does happen with me… so if i want to play it from chapter 1 … i just replay my story… :sweat_smile:

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That’s shame on 3rd update while glitch.

Ha :sweat_smile: Let me know after updating! I hope everyone got fixing their app as you and me. I wish episode needs to fixing technology before new updating arrives.

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Thank you to informing me. same me too! I want replay the start in beginning on my story. I just know what’s up everyone had problems with app bugs.

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It’s sound like exactly same responding to me. :roll_eyes:

I think we can waiting for another month again while they’re will fixing an issue. who knows? :woman_shrugging:t3:


Same thing happens to me omg

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Crossing my fingers very hard to have it fixed soon :smiling_face_with_tear:


Just started happening to me, my phone (which is less than a year old) says theres a bug in the app and to wait for the app developer to fix it. Just gotta replay the story everytime, for me at least.

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This has been happening to me too :sob: :sob:

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I sent a ticket in last week and they basically gave me a generic answer and just told me that there were multiple issues with the mobile app and they’re currently fixing it.

They never confirmed the issue I was having though and I sent examples. My problem still isn’t fixed yet.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the mobile app preview with the zooming and speechbubbles? Mine are perfect in the web portal, but when I try to preview it on the app, everything is off! The speech bubbles are getting in my characters faces and the zooming is off too.

Yesss!! The speechbubbles are all wonky while zooming for me too