Episode app is not opening. (Can anyone help?)

Could you check the Play Store for updates to the Episode app?
Could you try connecting to both WiFi and Mobile Data?
Could you try connecting to a public WiFi access point?
Can you try fully closing the app and reopening it?
Can you try clearing the device’s cache? (Please do not clear the data as this can effect the app)
Can you make 2.5 GBs of internal storage available on your device (not an sd card)?
Can you try turning your device off and back on?
Is your device rooted? Rooted devices are not supported and may cause difficulties with connecting to our servers.
Is your Episode app stored on an SD Card? If so, could you please try moving the app to your internal storage?

Episode asked me to follow these steps too. But none of them worked for me. I hope it works for you.