Episode App issue

Since this morning I seem to have problem with Episode App. I appear logged in but I can’t see my profile nor how many reads I have., nor my followers. I do see my favorite stories though and I can get in Crators corner from my phone.
I tried to log out but the situation is the same. I also tried to stop the app from my phone settings and to restart my phone, nothing changed.
I also can’t seem to open other people’s stories link when they send it to me from Episode forums and it takes me to the Episode app.
I also can’t add a story to my favorites on my own without reading it first, but only after reading it when it gives me the add to favorites option.
Anyone else has the same issue?


I think the profiles are currently under maintance. I had the same issue (I guess everyone sees it now) and the app itself notified me, but only after like the third time I opened the game.

Refer to this thread:

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I have Android. The issue i had before was I couldn’t open a specific story, and when I tried, it sent me back to the library. Now when I try to open the app, I am asked about EU terms and services (I live in the US), I press ok because it’s the only option I have, then I am left at a loading background. I deleted the app, redownloaded it, and when I recover with Google, I am met with the same issue. I have restarted my phone, deleted cache, deleted and reinstalled, but every time I restore with the email I used it for, it crashes. I can use other emails, and it works fine, but now I’ve lost all the saves and progress I had.


My app keeps jumping me out of the game back to the begging and its very laggy , I have a ticket and they said it was solved when it clearly wasn’t and
I use iOS iPhone 7 :confused:

I am having same problems