Episode app keeps crashing

I’ve sent in tickets numerous times but it’s either they didn’t give me a solution or they told me to come to the forum to discuss about it.
When I start new stories or continue playing my story which I read halfway through A chapter , it loads fine. But when I start a new chapter in the story that I’ve been reading , it crashes. It’s not based on what story it is , the whole deal is that the game crashes when the authors(any author) update the stories with a new chapter and it crashes when I try to read the NEW chapter. I’ve tried restarting my phone , deleting the app , I’ve updated my phone to the latest update and there’s about 4GB left on my phone , and I’m using iphone 7 too. I’ve never encountered such a problem but suddenly it became like this. Can someone help please?

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@Relles please private message me with your ticket number. Thanks!

I just got a reply from the team asking me to uninstall the app , and they said that they have to perform a manual restore of the previous game save.

Please refer to the above. Thanks.

I have been facing the same issue, re installed the software, tried playing on another device from my account but still crashes

Try resending a ticket to them again , hopefully they’ll be able to help

I have the same problem. Yesterday evening everything was ok but this morning the app keeps crashing…

Hi Jeremy i have the same problem. Can you help me please???

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@Jeremy could you help her with her issue with episode app as well?

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Thanks @Relles


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