Episode app not letting me access my profile

so recently i’ve just gotten back into writing. i used to have an iphone 6 but after it broke i didn’t really use episode for a while. now i’ve upgraded to a new iphone, and when i downloaded the app and tried logging into my creator account (where i can access my stories i’ve made) it keeps showing me an error. here is a screenshot of what it is:

i’ve tried what it told me to do, i’ve tried deleting and redownloading, i removed all its data from my settings but nothing has worked.
i contacted episode support, they asked if it was my google account or profile and i haven’t heard back yet. i’m still waiting because it’s only been a few days and obviously they’re busy, but can anyone help me? i’m pretty impatient. did i have to log out of my previous phone beforehand or something?

anxiously waiting for some responses!!!

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Re-download it and try again. I had the same issue but when I re-downloded it, it worked for me

i’ve tried that:( it didn’t work. i even logged out of my icloud and re-entered the details of my apple account when i redownloaded it. still hasn’t worked.

Am sorry sweetie

This keeps happening to me too!!! I’ve contacted Episode support twice and nothing they have suggested has worked! LMK what they tell you you do!

they told me to delete my game, after i did that they manually restored my previous saved game from their end. i’m not sure what it was meant to do but it didnt work. it’s still showing that error and i’ve literally tried everything, i have no idea what to do! hopefully it’s a bug on episode’s side and they fix it for all of us.

they also had me do that and it changed nothing. its so annoying! I wish they would fix it!