Episode App not saving my progress?

Hello All,
I have not been able to play any of my stories from episode in weeks. The app does not save any of my progress when I read or save a new story. Every time I log back in, my progress is not saved. I have submitted support tickets, but the options they gave me did not work. I was wondering if anybody could help me out. Thanks!

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This is happening to me as well. Today, I got on the episode app, and some of my favorite stories weren’t on my list of favorites. Therefore, I have to start all over reading them, and I don’t want to do that :frowning: I don’t know what happened to all of my progress.

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I have no idea what to do. Even when I started reading a story again, the progress didn’t save at all. I haven’t been able to read any stories for 3 weeks. I waited for the update, and that didn’t help either.

Yea I understand what you are going through. I think it has something to do with Episode.

This happened to me a couple weeks ago. I sent an email regarding the matter to the developers. They said, “When a player reads a very large volume of stories, their game save can become too large for the server to back-up quickly over a wireless or wifi connection, which can cause progress to be lost.” I recommend goong into the app and click one the 3 lines (where you go into your profile) and scroll down to contact support link and let them know about your issues

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Thank you for this, but I have submitted support tickets and haven’t received a response. I would delete some of the stories I am reading, but obviously the app won’t let me. Since my app won’t let me do that, I was hoping the episode team could do something for me. Thanks again!

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That’s a bunch of crap!! So basically, I gotta go back and start reading my favorite stories all over again :frowning: Did you ever get your progress back?

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They actually emailed me back today. They have to manually restore my app from their servers. So I had to delete my app, tell them I deleted it, and now I have to wait for them to restore it. Idk how long the wait will be. I’ll definitely let you know when they fix it though. Your progress still isn’t saving?

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Yes! Every time I open the app, everything resets leaving me to start reading stories all over again. I tried everything to restore my progress back, but it’s not working.

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I tried everything before I submitted support tickets and nothing worked. I started having the issue around June 20th. I had to remove the app from my phone so they could reset it. I got emailed Tuesday that it had been done and I could download the app back. I lost all my passes, diamonds, and I purchased a unlimited pass 3 days before it crashed. The wait sucks, but the only other thing that could have been done was to factory reset my phone.

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No! I lost all my progress, and nothing I re-read saved before they reset the app for me. Now I only have access to featured episodes. I read in here some place that there was a crash and numerous people are only able to access the featured episodes and it’d take 2 weeks or so to fix that crash. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

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Oh God :frowning: Ughh!! I don’t understand what’s causing this to happen to people. I do not want to start all over again reading the same story. I wonder if Episode is making changes to the app leaving some of us to suffer with different issues within the app.

I really hope that I do not have to reread stories. I have already read so many, and losing all the progress would suck. Hopefully they restore my app soon. Not being able to use episode sucks.

Yeah I know how you feel.

They haven’t responded to any of your support tickets?

Nope! I’m patiently waiting too.

Yea I feel you. Don’t send anymore support tickets because when I sent more than one, my tickets got pushed to the bottom. They told me that’s what was taking so long for a reply.

This is what was said to me regarding it, “There is currently a known issue with very high level games experiencing difficulties connecting to our game servers and backing up progress. As you read stories, your account will save your choices, reading history, and passes and gems. As you continue to read stories, this data will increase with each new story read. When a player reads a very large volume of stories, their game save can become too large for the server to back-up quickly over a wireless or wifi connection, which can cause progress to be lost.”. I have an iPhone which is what I was using when I experienced the crash, and now am only able to read the featured stories. I’ve been playing on an old android phone since it crashes on me and have experienced no issues. I thought maybe it was an issue with the Apple software update some how.

So basically, we as Episode users have a limit of stories that we can add to our list of favorites?

@Lone.wolf I understand what you’re saying because that’s what they told me when they emailed me earlier. They are going to restore my app. I thought it was my phone as well but it turned out to be the app. I also tried to download it on my old iPhone and restore it but it wouldn’t let me save my progress on there either. So now I am and just waiting for the restore. @Briana_M that’s basically what it is.