Episode App not saving my progress?


Okay well thanks for telling me about this!


I’m not sure, the post I read about it said that only some people are experiencing the limited selection of stories.


Yea I saw that too. A lot of people can only read featured stories.


Hey I have been experiencing the same issue for a month now and I was told to uninstall the app and reinstall it after they had manually restored it but it’s not working and I don’t know what to do. Episode is soo precious and it honestly hurts to not be able to read it :slightly_frowning_face:


@MissLulu hey, they told me to do the same thing. My app was not working since early June. About a few days ago, they told me that they restored it and that it should be working. It finally works now and I didn’t lose any progress from my stories that I was reading. I say submit a ticket and they will fix it as soon as possible. Although it took a while, I’m glad it works again.


Hi, so im currently waiting for episode to restore the app and i was wondering how much time did it take until they restored yours beacuse i cant wait any longer😭.


Hey @Dido, it took them about 3-4 weeks to restore my app. My app crashed because I had favorited so many stories and it could not hold that many stories. It takes awhile but when they restore it, they make sure to save all your progress that has been made on any story that you have read.


Oh man i already feel its been 3 weeks ans its only been 1 week and 2 days😭


Yea it takes forever but they will eventually restore it. What was wrong with your app?


That happened to me aswell and they restored my game but now I can’t even get into episode because it keeps crashing… does anyone know what to do? ( I submitted a ticket but they haven’t replied, they probably don’t know how to help me)


Whenever i played a story the progress wont be saved😭.


Maybe you should update your app. But personally when my app used to crash is beacuse i have too much storage in my phone so you have to delet unwanted photos and videos or apps that you dont need.


I tried it doesn’t work


Yesterday episode contacted me and im allowed to re install episode.


Ugh when i re-started playing episode after the restore it went okay for a day, but the next day all the other progress was gone and i played a hell lot of stories​:sob::sob::sob: so i sent a support ticket again explaing and now im waiting for there first replie


aw man i feel so bad for u :sob:


I got a reply saying I can play and now it works


Mine worked again after updating my phone to IOS 11


How long did you wsit