Episode app not working

Hi . Wondering if anyone else having this problem. Its been like this for 2 days ive uninstalled app, cleaned phone memory ect and when i install and load episode i get these messages on repeat. There is no back to menu no exit no way of getting back to my home screen :unamused:

Have you checked for any new updates? And have you tried loading other stories as well? I normally see those messages when a story is incomplete.

:unamused: i can’t get off that screen anymore there is no "back to home " button on the top left corner. And when i uninstall, then reinstall and start game up it goes straight to that screen, no menu and no way to log out of the app . The hole app is just those for screen shots repeated xx

Wow, I’m having no issues with the app, what phone do you have?

Oh no clue what’s happened to mine then , I’m on a samsung s9 . Hopefully it will sort its self out soon as i use the app to read story’s and do the spotting on my story xx

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Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App since this sounds like a glitch. @Terri-storys I’d recommend submitting a help ticket to the support team, they’d be more than happy to help. :smiley:

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Thank you. Still waiting for reply from this at the min . Hopefully they can find out what is wrong, but the waiting is killing me :frowning: !
I have noticed its saying my version is 12.27.3 . But lots of people on here are saying the latest is 12.26.1 so not sure if that could be it . :thinking: I’m using a Samsung s9 and have cleared all cache ect on the app, uninstalled and reinstalled ,made more space on my phones memory ,tried wifi only then data only , but nothing :sob: so just uninstalled it for 4 days now while i wait for them to email me back xx