Episode app on emulators - not working anymore?


I used to play Episode a few years prior on an Android 5 emulator, Nox, because I preferred playing it on a bigger screen. today, for nostalgia’s sake, I tried running it as I used to, but this error showed up:

uninstalling and reinstalling did nothing. I figured it might have been a problem with the Android version (maybe it was too old?), so I tried running it again on Android 7. welp, you can see what happens in the video below. it downright crashes.

emulator (1)

my question is, could it be an issue with the emulator itself or is it Episode not allowing it to be ran on virtual machines anymore? would switching to another emulator work?


I have a similar problem with my emulator as well. I use Blue Stacks 5 and when I open the app it’s just a black screen for a while before it crashes like your second example. It’s probably Episode not allowing it to run on emulators anymore but I don’t know… it also used to work for me.