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I don’t have any form of PC, but want to write. I saw the episode portal on my iPad (which I’m using now), it doesn’t seem to work properly using my device. You can’t scroll down properly and it’s over all just basically… un-usable (if that’s even a word).

Writing on the mobile app is much easier, the problem is - there’s not CLOSE to as much things you can do on mobile to the things you can do on the episode portal. For example - not as much outfit choices, not as much “emotions”, not as much backgrounds, your not able to do overlays… and much more! You also can’t publish directly from the app, and even when you do publish it from the episode portal, your story has to be completely done because once you save or publish it, you can’t change it on the app anymore.

Basically what I’m saying, is that episode should really update the mobile app writing. It’s not fair to people - like me - who don’t have PC’s, and can only write from the episode app.


I agree. I write on PC now but the only reason I started doing that was because mobile creation wasn’t as good. When I started it, it didn’t have pans or choices so it’s improving. :slight_smile:

P.S. You can write on the Episode portal on an iPad, phone. That’s what I do when I don’t have access to a PC. :slight_smile:

Please update it Episode! :wink:

Please make sure to read up on the Feature Request Guidelines and make any additional changes to your thread or it will be at risk of being deleted/closed. Thanks! :peace_symbol:

I know you can write on the episode portal on iPad and iPhone, but it’s quite hard, you can’t really scroll down properly and stuff. Thanks, though!

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Yeah, I know. I usually use the scenes to skip to the scene I want. No problem. :wink:

I totally agree! I have written multiple stories using mobile creation but they all seem to look boring compared to the stories written on a PC.

I have a problem with using the portal through my tablet as said earlier hard to scroll takes forever. I would prefer if the writers portal was more friendly on non pc devices actually I’ll change that I wish scrolling wasn’t so bad even on PC it’s bad.

i have the same problem for the life of me cant write on a pc but ive been writing a story on the mobile app and for the life of me I don’t know how to publish it through the mobile app so confusin

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