Episode Appreciation Thread

If there’s one thing you appreciate the most about Episode what would it be?

Mine would obviously be the fact that we have great authors that write for us interesting stories, addicting to read stories, and much more.
From experience, writing stories isn’t easy and takes lots of time, both in real life and online.
The Episode Staffs that provide us with good ink and limelight features, and work their hardest to give us a good reading online experience,
I’ve been playing Episode since it came out, and I appreciate the changes.


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I appreciate the fact that people write diverse and unique stories with interesting plot lines. They take the time to make the story truly come alive, whether it be amazing overlay work or directing, it really makes the story pop. So thanks authors.

  • Jade :sunny:

Thank you Episode for being there so I can idea-vomit on you! x’D

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It might not interest you, but my story’s main character are POC


Story name? :sweat_smile: I know I am late but—

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It’s okay. No Worries! It’s called Skais Stories

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