Episode Art by Gia Cereni

Some of my arts for some friends and arts for my story.

Chris and Enzo, Episode 25 The Ugly Truth by Gia Cereni

Drake King
Story: Fearless by Ted Writes

Art for Episode 25 The Ugly Truth by Gia Cereni

Nicole Main Character in The Ugly Truth, art for episode 25 story by Gia Cereni

Art Collage

Enzo and Eva art for The Ugly Truth by Gia Cereni

Character design, art made for Astara Nevermore

Kiss Scene made for The Necklace of Doom by Brandi Petry

Character design for The Necklace of Doom by Brandi Petry

Scene for Beat as One for my dear friend Catelyn

Kiss Scene for Doctors Orders by Lizzie

Large cover for Fearless by Ted Writes

You can find me on Instagram @giacereni.episode


Can share here: Share your Art, edits and drawings 3! and it is amazing :heart:


Thank you! I’m learning to use the the forum… Im going to try to share (don’t know how heheheh)

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Ha ha, that’s OK.

Here’s some threads to help you out:

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Hope you enjoy the Forums :wink: :revolving_hearts:


Thank you so much!!


That’s awesome, thos drawings are so awesome :grinning::+1:t2:

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Omg! You are really talented. These are amazing! :rose:

Oh and @Blonde_girl I love your pfp :joy:

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Thank you so much! You are too kind!

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thank you so much! :smiley:

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