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Hey guys ! My name is Saasha. I have been on episode for long and I recetky started doing character edits and covers. I have been doing them on Instagram for a while now and I decided to start a request thread on forums too. I do the following things :

  1. Splashes
  2. Covers
  3. Character edits
  4. Reviews
  5. Plot help
  6. Finding backgrounds

Rules :

  1. I have a life out of episode so it might take me long to complete the requests so please be patient.

  2. It took me a long time to write all of this so please go by the rules so I know I don’t waste my time writing all this when no one read it.

  3. Give all the details that have been asked.

  4. Don’t be rude if you don’t like it. Just tell me what you what to day he and I will change it.

  5. Follow me on my instagram if you have one. My instagram is @Episode_Saasha.

  6. You can request me here or DM me on my instagram.

  7. You gotta credit both my instagram and forums account.

  8. It’s most definitely not a rule but if you want to talk about something or you want friends you can always talk to me.

  9. If you think I helped you in any way please tell the others about me and my thread too.

How to request :

  1. Splash -

→ Character screenshot with the pose you want them in.
→What kind of splash you want.
→ What background you want.
→ What is the deadline.

  1. Cover -

→ Title of the story.
→ Author of the story.
→ Kind of Background needed.
→ Screenshot of charcters in poses you want them in.
→ What is the deadline.

  1. Character edit -

→ Screenshot of character’s pose in which you want the edit / details.
→ Kind of Background (if needed)
→ What is the Deadline.
→ Why do you need it. (So I can make it accordingly)
→ Drawn or contoured.

  1. Reviews -

→ Name of story.
→ Author of the story.
→ Genre.
→ A small description.
→ Link of the story.

  1. Plot help -

→ Title of the story.
→ Genre of the story.
→ What you prefer - Instagram / Forums account.

If you need help with plot you gotta ask me here to help you and I will personally PM you privately when I accept the request.

  1. Finding backgrounds -

→ Requirements.
→ Deadline.

If you want me to give you a follow on instagram folllow me and I will follow you back.

~ @Episode_saasha.








what do you use for the text


Hi. I usually use PicsArt but there are a lot of other apps I use too.


can i request a splash

a splash that says

Please leave a fain mail


Sure but I would like it if you ask as stated above. It makes it easier to have information on a same message.


Splash -
→ Character screenshot with the pose you want them in. none just words
→What kind of splash you want. a fain mail splash
→ What background you want. a pinterest background any kind of pinterest background
→ What is the deadline. today


Oh okay. I will get back to you with the splash soon. Thanks for requesting.


I haven’t resized it yet @linalilly10. Once you say you like it I will resize the splash.




I think there is a problem with my phone. I will try again in a minute. Please wait and sorry for the inconvenience.



Sorry if you don’t like it. If you want a redo please let me know.




@linalilly10 where are you ?




Lol so is it fine or do you need a redo ?


Your art is gorgeous :purple_heart:


Thank you so much love. I am sure yours is too @stronglcve.


its amazing (this is linalilly10)