Episode Art Standarts: Discussion. Precaution, insensitive subject. 💃

So. At first, I’m gonna repeat.

Don’t read this thread in case you have a sensitive artistic soul. Meow.

So. Artists flooded the Episode Forums.

I might sound like a stuck up bitch with the ego’s size of mighty Russia, but maybe I’m not the only one who thinks that like half of the art I see on daily basis here kinda sucks? Like it-was-drawn-by-a-drunk-five-year-old kind of sucks? Okay, we all gotta start somewhere, and we improve with time. And some people just won’t be able to do decent art, even if they practice for many years. It’s just how it is. You can’t be good at everything, and sometimes you can’t be good at one thing, no matter how hard you try.

But I see how a lot of people praise these artists, which encourages them 1) to stick with the same work quality and 2) to do a LOT of requests.

Sometimes when I see these praises I can’t decide, is it me who was dropped on my head when I was a baby, and can’t adequately judge this art or people are so focused on being nice and afraid to offend someone, that they just keep on lying?

So questions for you.

  • Do you think I’m being fair or just obnoxious with the things I said?

  • What do you expect from your art requests?

  • Have you ever had a request done and been really unhappy with what you received?

  • Did you use it? Mention you aren’t happy? Or did you just thank them and say it was good?

  • Maybe your art sucks and you know it? How do you deal with it?


I always take art from artists who give examples, because if I don’t, and their art isn’t to my liking, I don’t want to upset them by not using it. I am always honest. Of course, I point out the positives, because there are always positives if you look hard enough. I also point out what they could improve on, if they’re asking for an opinion. However, me being me, I don’t think I could straight up say, ‘it sucks’. I’d be structured like so:

  • One positive
  • Negatives with a sprinkle of positives
  • Positives

first people are been nice. to them

second this are people who do it for FREE

you can nit expect same quality for free as in art you have give money for

example art by me
the art i do for free

the art I am been paid to do (btw not done with this one)

if you do not like the art do not ask for it

last every single artist I ever meet(including myself) think their art suck.the people who think they are good and brag about how good they are usually are the one who suck most at art


Being nice, and being a liar are different things. You can say truth, while staying relatively nice.

That’s wasn’t the subject of the thread, to be honest. Like, I can receive a lot of things for free, but it doesn’t mean they will be satisfactory.

Well, I don’t agree. I consider myself decent in art, purely average but decent, and yes, I have bad days when I can’t get anything right, and I know it’s the thing with a lot of artists, and I know it cause I have friends, who are artists. The second part of your statement is half ridiculous tbh. There is that thing as adequate evaluation. You look at other people works, you compare it with yours, you listen to the critique and make a conclusion. Some people can do it, and some can’t.


I don’t think it’s fair to say that people who think they are good and brag about it are usually the ones who suck most at art. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your art work.
I am pretty proud of quite a few pieces of my own art, It’s not the best and there’s room for improvement, but I believe that’s the case for everyone. There’s no barrier where you can no further improve.
I don’t believe many artists think their art sucks, if that was the case they wouldn’t post it. They may not love the piece and they might realise that it can be made better, but I think people who offer to do art for other people and post their art everywhere saying “it sucks” usually want people to keep saying it looks good, or they wouldn’t post it.
I am not saying this is the case for everyone before that gets twisted.

Also to address the art being for free comment, there is plenty of incredible art work for free, and not just on the forums, it shouldn’t be a case of you can only have something rough that someone spends ten minutes on just because you aren’t paying for the piece. It’s an artists choice to either do it for free or charge money. Of course you can have more impressive pieces that use different technology and incredible detail etc when you are willing to pay for it, but that shouldn’t be what determines quality.
I put all that I can into all of my requests, I will just charge for pieces that will take a lot longer to do as it’s then taking up a lot of my time.


That is so true. :pray:t2:

This reminds me actually of girls, who post their pictures with caption “ugly”. Like… Can you be more obvious in fishing for pathetic compliments?


One reason to stay off facebook! Drives me nuts.


Well, not all of us are natural born artists, that’s why we do request for people that are not that good or too lazy to do them. So, I think your point is fair, though some people will get offended.

I rarely request from others, except for background or overlays, because I like to get things done myself. But most of the time I’m okay with what I get.

If it’s not that good, sometimes I would suggest a few tips but mostly I just say thanks. Some people are sensitive.

I know compare to others on the forum/whole episode community my art is definitely not the best, but I do have a bit of pride in it. I just constantly stalks other’s art and try to improve with what I learned from looking at other’s art.


Thank you for input.

And I honestly like your art.


I get what you mean. A lot of the art I see around here is, no offense to anyone, not the best. There are plenty of detailed tutorials on youtube to help you improve and tips to make sure your work makes sense in the real world (talking about shading. Sometimes the shading on Episode is illogical.)

I know you can’t be born an amazing artist. I know a lot of people ask “How do you draw??” a lot. And I did. My art was crap. But I’ve learnt a lot from real
life references and tutorials on how to properly shade things. I find most work on Episode sort of lazy. And the topics posted are like “dOn’t ReQuEst MOrE tHan OnCe.” or “pLeasE sEnd Me tHe DeTailS thIs REaLyy aNNoyS mE wHen peoPlE dOnt” I’m not trying to offend them lol. I just find that most Episode artists are a bit nasty with their work, or they’re a bit cold. And sometimes a bit too happy with pieces that look like they’re done with nothing but laziness. Please do not get offended by this - I’m just being honest. And the requester is like “thanks! It’s so good!” Like, people aren’t going to improve if you don’t be honest. If you don’t want to come off as rude, just give them tips. However, it is called constructive criticism for a reason.







@Gabby.creates (not sure if u do art, but just tagging u if u do. :wink: )


definitely true. I suck at everything I do in life. :woman_facepalming:t3:

You can’t suck at everything either :smiley: There is always something that is “your thing”.


oh right, true. Lol :joy:

You can suck at sucking at stuff :wink: :rofl:



:DDDD true. I have one guy like that in my family.

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