Episode Art Tutorial On My Insta!


Hello Episodians,
Tonight I am posting a tutorial on my Instagram if you want I learn how to do this or some basic tips here are the account and I would love some follows as well.
Here is what I am teaching for today I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did and comment Noodles if you want to join and again please give me a follow @millie.tutorialz and outline made by @Artistofepi

Tagging peeps that might be interested




I’ll check it out :revolving_hearts:


I’m so gonna be Checking it out


Yep the tutorial will start soon
I haven’t posted it yet


I put a watermark that I coloured it in and I made it less visible


I’ll check it out!


Thx for the tag! I might possibly check it out!


Do you want to join


Do you want to join


I can’t right now, sorry! :slight_smile:


Don’t have insta


You can check it’s on my insta later


I’ll join!


I will post it here


Phew! Don’t have insta either


Ah cool, I will if I remember then!


Oh ok then


CAn u tag peeps that might be interested


Thanks for tagging :slightly_smiling_face: but I need to learn for an exam tomorrow so I can‘t follow the tutorial.


It’s ok I will post it on insta and the forums so you can see it anytime