Episode artist and an writing partners needed! (LIMELIGHT)

Hey guys! I am looking for one author and one episode artist. My coding skills are a 5 and my writing is about a 4. I’m really good at coming up with ideas but I would love to have another writer since coding takes a lot of work and I am not a good digital artist :sweat_smile: I have a story published titled Gifted (Author: Iris) you can check it out to see my skills so far. I would love to make a new story and I am open to any and all ideas. I would love to see your work on your Instagram, screenshots and/or read your story.


Hey girllly I’m decent in coding and coming up with ideas and i make covers and edits. :blush:
We could work together if you want

Yes!!! I would love to work with u :smile: How would u like to communicate through insta, email etc?

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We could just talk on PM but I have insta too but my phone is dying it has 11% @Diyah

Kk np. We can continue to chat at 5:00 pm is that ok?