Episode artist that use ibis, I could use some help

Sooo ive been messing around with ibis paint. I’m getting better at it, however I can’t figure out which brushes to use for contouring, and to make the hair look more realistic. I would appreciate any advise on the brushes :grin:

This is one I’ve recently done
(Looked at the outline on Google, but free handed it)
I’m having troubles with contouring, so yeah :joy:🤦


I use Dip Pen Hard with stabilizer on 10 and force fade, both on 40%

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There is a brush for hair
Oil (hair)

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I use round brushes and flat brushes for air ,probably all because these types are so good , you just need to add different layers so that they don’t clash . For comtouring I use flat brush angle and dip pen and then I blend them out . Hope this helps😊

Thank y’all so much! I’m still learning how to use ibis lol, but I appreciate the tips so much!

i recommend;

round brush (real) for hair,
n airbrush for contouring or dip pen (soft) n blurring it !

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Thank you!

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