Hey guys!

This is a new artist group called Episode Assassins.

No, we don’t kill people, but we take art requests!

We are just ordinary artists in the episode forums community, but together, we’d like to remain anonymous as it fits the theme of Episode Assassins :grin:

We don’t stand for any drama. U got a problem? Then PM us directly instead of spamming our threads because we take that as harassment. Thanks!

Assassin 1’s examples 🙃

Assassin 2’s examples 🙂

image image image image image image image image

Assassin 3’s examples 😆

image image image image image image image

Assassin 5’s examples 😄

Assassin 6’s examples 😌

Here is our request form

What art are you requesting: (eg: art scene, cover etc)
Who do you want to do it?: (Use assassin 1, 2 etc)
When is the preferred time you want it done by? (All requests will be completed ASAP, but please be reasonable with the preferred time!)
Characters: (Please give us CLEAR IMAGES and not details so we can get the art to you faster! If no characters are needed just put N/A)
Background: (Tell us what background is preferred, if it’s specific then send us a clear image!)
Extra details: (Such as tattoos etc, or N/A if you don’t want/need)

We will only do your request if you use the template above!

Thank you! :grin:

Any off topic or dramatic comments will be flagged quicker than you can say wtf

Also, if you know who we are, please do not “expose us” because we remain anonymous for fun, not for sketchy reasons, and it wouldn’t be very nice if you ruined the fun :smile:


We’d love to have your requests, ready whenever you are :two_hearts:

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Can you make me a phone lockscreen? it could be any picture but put the date as 27th of April and time as 10:37 xx


sure, but can you use the request template, please? :grin:

What art are you requesting: An art scene
Who do you want to do it?: Assassin 2
When is the preferred time you want it done by: Sunday if possible

Background: Background and positions of characters on backgrounds
Screenshot_2018-08-08_16-43-07 Pose
Extra details: Pose I want them in

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I’ll notify assassin 2 that you want them to do your art scene and she’ll use this account to get back to you ASAP :grin:


Alright thank you mysterious assassin (that doesn’t actually kill people lol)

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Omg I just found out your secret identity assassin one (but don’t worry I’ll never tell :shushing_face:)

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Haha :laughing: I’m sure everyone will find out in the future, but for now keep our secret :wink::kissing_heart:

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thank you so much.

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Are you able to make this background into a night version?
My preferred time would ASAP to be honest so whenever you can finish it!

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Hello, this is assassin 2 speaking. I’ll have your request done by either the end of today or tomorrow.

Sure, I can do that as well.

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That’s perfect thank you!

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@SusuJuju your request is complete.

Please make sure to credit Episode assassins

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Thank you very much!!

Do you think you could also make a background that had a Jacuzzi in it where the characters are able to sit in it? So maybe create a separate jacuzzi overlay.

It’s fine if you can’t. Will look elsewhere :heart:

I will ask A1. If not then I will.

I’m A1, I can do it! I’ll give you a jacuzzi background and make an overlay of some of the floor so your character can go behind it giving it the illusion that they’re in the jacuzzi. :wink:

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