Episode authors on youtube

Hello, I don’t know if anyone else genuinely enjoys watching youtube videos by episode authors. For some reason it motivates me to write and I wish we had more of them.
So I’m going to make a list of episode authors who have youtube channels if anyone else enjoys watching them:

  1. Joseph Evans:

  2. Bronte:
    I love that we have an entire playlist on creating a story that was later featured by episode on her channel.

  3. Alissa Jadyn:
    Her content is not episode focused, but the two videos that she uploaded about being a black author on episode are a must watch.

  4. Mary D Sava:
    The mini game tutorials on her channel are everything.

  5. Amanda Traver:
    Her content is mostly about the fun side of being an episode author and sometimes she rants… it’s overall a cute channel and I like it.

  6. Noella Mei:
    She’s not very active on her youtube channel but personally I enjoy rewatching them because I love her story.

  7. Sylvia Eve
    Her channel is episode focused and she has a podcast that I personally enjoy listening to.

  8. Tuesday Cross
    She posts general writing advices and her content is lovely.

If you know more episode authors that have a youtube channel, please leave their channel’s name in a reply below.


I don’t know anymore unfortunately. But saaaame!!! I get so motivated by other writers. I can’t believe there are so few of them on Youtube! :confused:

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there are more, they are just hard to find. I make youtube tutorials for episode too, I have only made 3 as of now, got a bit stuck with the next because I entered the contest


Can you put Djplays games on there?

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I believe he is not an author. He just promotes stories but ok.

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Here’s mine, I just mainy post templates and tutorials.

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Oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t see the author part. I’m really sorry

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Oh I didn’t know about your youtube channel… definitely gonna subscribe :heart:

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