Episode Authors support community 🤍

As a new episode writer & joining the episode community , it’s very hard to learn everything about coding ,
Getting different point of views on stories , general discussions that we can support each other on our writing journey . :black_heart:
I hope to get a support from all of you !
Thank you .


Yes, it will be hard since this is your first time writing. Check out Joseph Evans, Episode Notes, and Dara Amarie tutorials on Youtube (I think there are more Episode channels that do tutorials but can’t remember a few of them), to help get you started with coding. You got a lot of support from me. Welcome to the community! :raised_hands:t4: :sunglasses: :100:


Highly recommend. His videos helped me.:+1:t4:


Same with me when I first started because I was like, I don’t even know what to do. XD


Thank you so much for helping me :heart:

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What @lanafrazer_episode and @Jae27 are saying is right. And one more advice: before you publish, read the Episode Guidelines (globally). Those Guidelines are giving away what the Episode Team expects and what the Episode Team doesn’t like to see in an Episode story.

Good luck with your first story, hun.

Love A-W


Thank you so much my love , I will start reading the episode guidelines .
Your support means so much to me :white_heart:

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same, @danitzaaperez I’m currently writing my debut episode story and struggling a lot to write it. I was hoping to have other authors write it with me since I don’t know what I’m doing.


@danitzaaperez @Tiara2 Welcome to the community and good luck with your stories! :blush:

There are countless users here will who help and plenty of resources available to you, I’m sure you both will get the hang of it and also make friends in the community.

You already have a reply on here @Tiara2 . You can also change your topic to the #creators-discussion:find-a-writing-partner category and you might have more responses! :grin:

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thanks, @schittwriter.

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