Episode background error

So I have a background from episode but there is an error telling me it does not exist even though episode created it. How do I go about fixing it because I want to use it.

Can you provide a screenshot so we can see what it says? :thinking:

yup here it is

Hey, I’m guessing that’s an error on Episode’s part since I just tested out ADMINISTRATION BUILDING - DAY and it didn’t work for me :thinking:

All of their backgrounds need to include INT. or EXT. at the beginning and since this one doesn’t, it’s most likely a mistake.

I would suggest sending a ticket to Episode and showing them this error :thinking:

Can do so here

You could always save it and re-upload it into your overlays section : )

Hey @Apes , have you tried testing this background? It doesn’t work for this user and it didn’t work for me…

that background doesn’t work

I never even noticed this background before :joy:

Me neither lol :rofl:

This is my first time seeing this BG, too and when I tested it out, it didn’t work at all.

At first I thought the user forgot to add an INT. or an .EXT but nope :laughing:

This background got approved by Episode, even though it doesn’t follow the format of naming a background and was out for all writers to use just like how the story In My Bed was published for all readers to read even though it broke guidelines. Just thought I’d point this out…but mistakes do happen :sweat_smile: