Episode background glitch?

I don’t know if i’m tripping but episode just let upload my BG even tho it was a png… i’m sorry if i’m being annoying but i accidentally uploaded a PNG background and it got uploaded… i was expecting episode not to be able to upload it because they only acept JPG but they did… i’m sorry if this was confusing or did episode update it or sum? let me know cause i haven’t been on episode forums for a while now…so i don’t really know what’s going on except for the fact that that they are releasing some stuff today, anyways… pls let me know what’s happening or is it a glitch?

Episode has always allowed PNGs as far as I know (at least as long as I’ve been around)! That’s how people are able to upload overlays with transparent bits!

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Yes i know episode has always allowed png overlays but didn’t except them to allow a PNG background… cause they usually only allow JPG backgrounds for me anyways

I’ve always uploaded my backgrounds as PNGs since they have a higher quality and never had an issue :slight_smile:

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Oh wow really? well that’s odd cause episode never let’s me upload any PNG backgrounds except for overlays

That’s strange, maybe it’s because your other PNG background file sizes were too large? Because PNGs are a better quality than JPGs, they tend to be larger files and might be too big to upload.

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Maybe but it sucks that i’m the only one who has the edit her backgrounds for them to be JPG or PNG but it’s all good