Episode background with edits? c:

I hab question does anyone have a mixed version of this background?

I love this background so much

like this is from nataliesky.writes on instagram’s edit and it’s so amazing

it just looks so amazing I wanted to know if other people had backgrounds like this that maybe share here!
or if you have it from other people’s drive! and I will give credits of course


@sharastories on Instagram has an Episode edited drive!


I have some on my drive
You need to fill a form to access it + must follow the rules

I have a folder called “episode edited Backgrounds”
But in that I’ve mainly put like backgrounds which are day and night converted and only has very few edits …
Atleast for now it’s like that cz of how I’ve named other folders
Credit - epii.jessica Instagram if used
Some episode edited ones

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What you have done here is pretty nice :blush::sparkling_heart: