Episode Bans Me And Calls Me A Hacker

So, this just happened. I am agitated so i’m just going to throw grammar out the window. I’m sorry. Maybe i’ll edit it in the morning if i don’t get banned here too.

So, i just got my phone charged and wanted to play. I open the app and this pops up:

I naturally go and file a ticket and they respond with this:

I do not understand what they think i hacked exactly.
I remember that i had the gem options in user stories for free, but that was the same for many ppl as well. It was from the app itself and it was removed after an update almost two months ago for me.
I also had over 1000 gems, but those were hoarded in over 2 years period. Doing daily tasks and reading featured stories.
And thats where i’m at now. All my saved stories gone, my gems gone, practically a 2 year progres just vanished… and still no answer!


Please reach out to support with your inquiry here https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks! :v: