Episode bestie?

Hi I’m an old school episode user. I had a long break but now I’m back. I don’t have a contact to my old episode friends so I’m looking for an episode bestie with who I can chat, talk about stories and more
About me:
-18 years old
-Speak english, Russian, German, Latin and a bit Spanish
-writing my own story on episode (also looking for someone who would like to be a test reader)
-love to read sorties on episode (I haven’t read anything in 2 years so would love to read ur fav stories as well)
-do have an insta


I would like To have some friend I can talk About episode with too! :llama:
Do you have an ig account?

Yes it’s @val_episode_

I’ll follow you, mine is complicatedperson6 :t_rex:

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