Episode besties i need your help!

Okay so i’m writing my first story but i need help ASAP. So how the hell can i add animations??? Like i watched tons of youtube videos but it doesn’t work.
I write my character name first then i add a round left bracket then i add the animation and then i close it with a round right bracket.

And then it says "This is not a valid directing command.
I literally watched hundrends of youtube videos and i did the animations just like how they show me but it’s still no luck.

So please help me loves!!!

Animations should go between brackets when there’s dialogue, if it’s just a command you should write it like @CHAR is animation

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Yes like Juliett said, in order to add animation an animation in you have to use the command “@CHAR is animation”
For example: @MAX is idle_loop
Make sure your character’s name is in all caps when you enter the command like I did “MAX” instead of “max”.
The only time you use the brackets is when you are adding an animation while your character is talking.
MAX (talk_afraid)
Im scared

That way when max says “Im scared” in the script he says it with the afraid animation.

This is a link to a youtuber who was very helpful for me when I was learning. Skip to 9:38 and watch the rest through and he explains it really well.


Omg thank u so much, it works!!

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Thank u girly!!

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No problem :+1:t4:

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