Episode Bliss Art Shop! (Open NOW!)

Welcome to our request thread! As you may have seen in the previous thread (the joining thread) we stated we’d open shops after we have a few members. Now we do! So you can request all you like!

Please check out our joining thread, or just take a look at the Joining info down below to join RIGHT NOW! Also, details for the president’s art thread are below, too.

Joining info,

Welcome to Episode Bliss! Please apply using the link below, OR YOU CAN PM US AND WE WILL ASK A FEW QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR ACCEPTANCE.. We will begin taking requests once we have a few members!


Instagram: Episode.Bliss.Official
Email: Epy.Bliss.Official@gmail.com
YouTube: Episode Bliss

(You can request on @Dahlia_Blossom thread for art, as she’s made the fun banner examples.)
Link to president’s shop:

Hope to see you join!

~ @Dahlia_Blossom (President of Episode Bliss)

Now, if you don’t want to join, but you need some art, we’re the group to call! We focus on not only doing art, but also teaching our artists to be better each and every day! So we will NEVER stop improving!


If you’re looking to request here, then just provide a detailed explanation of your request. Including the character details, outfit details, text, fonts, icons, and any extra details!

We do:

  • Splahses
  • Covers
  • Edits
  • Profile Pictires
  • Banners
  • COMING SOON: Simple art scenes




These examples were made by the president @Dahlia_Blossom

(More coming soon…)

Request today, we’d love to do art for you!

~ Dahlia Blossom, President of Episode Bliss


(We close temporarily after all 10 slots are full…)

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