Episode Blush (PLEASE JOIN!)

Hello, everyone! My name is Gracie. I have decided to make a group page on Instagram called Episode Blush.

I am currently looking for:

  1. Editors (1-3)

  2. Short Reviewers (2-5)

  3. Directing Assistants (1-2)

  4. Background and Overlay Artists (2-3)

  5. Cover Maker (1-2)

  6. Splash Makers (1-2)

  7. Inspirational Quote Posters (1-2)

  8. Fashion Experts (1-3)

Job Roles:
Editors - The editors make edits requested by people. The editors must post at least one edit each week.
Short Reviewers - The reviewers of our page will review stories for the people who request reviews. The average reviewer must post at least four reviews, since they are only reading one chapter.
Directing Assistants - The directing assistants help out anyone who dms us on our page, and the directing assistants will help them.
Background and Overlay Artists - The background and overlay artists make backgrounds and overlays. Must post at least twice a week.
Cover Makers - The cover makers make covers for the people who request it.
Splash Makers - Splash makers must make splashes. Post at least twice a week.
Inspirational Quote Makers - These people post inspirational quotes on the page. :slight_smile:
Fashion Experts - The fashion experts must post an outfit for everyone to use of all styles three times a week.
Long Reviewers - Long reviewers will review three chapters of a story. Must post one to two times each week.

If you are interested, please let me know! If you are willing to be a cover maker, splash maker, editor, or background and overlay artist, show us an example below. I hope you are up for it! :slight_smile:

You also must have an instagram account.

You can apply here!



Hey @epi.alyssaa ! Umm, I’m not sure how we apply for this group? But I would like to help with Fashion Experts, Directing Assistants, & Inspirational Quote Makers! :kissing_cat: :kissing_cat:

P.S. :
Just @ me or PM me please! So i’ll see the notif.
I do have Insta btw!

DM me on instagram using @epi.alyssaa

My insta is darkangel_episode

And I post more than one edit each week I think.
So… Edit maker? And if I can, maybe the cover maker too.

U can see more examples on my insta or go to 💙 Art Request Thread

An edit

A cover

Oooooh I’m interested in “fashion expert”. My ig is @storiesbyeuropa

Hey! This looks like a great idea! Can I join? (I’d like to be a Directing Assistant and I can also be a Short Reviewers if you still need some)

I’ll be dming you all regarding jobs.

Let me know your instagram :slight_smile:

I send it to you in a dm and I’ve sent a message to the instagram account. :wink:

Sounds good! :slight_smile:

I thought u can’t join any other groups if u r in Episode Royalty?

That’s the new rule and it’s also written at the hiring thread I think


Message deleted

Fashion Experts
Splash Maker
Long Reviewers
Short Reviewer

I would love to apply for these! Can you still be in other groups though? I applied for @epy.turtles on Instagram too :slight_smile:

My Instagram is @epy.bear :smile:

Yeah I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

I love to help