Episode Bomb Family! [Closed till we catch up]



Hello and welcome, we are the Episode Bomb Family. We will not explode if you are nice! Now you you are probably wondering what is Episode Bomb…Epsiode bomb is a great big family where we can litterly help you out with anything your heart desires! We have two presidents @NattyGomez and @Aerial_author.
We also have our own theme song. (I suggest you listen!) :joy:

What we can provide…

  • Support if you ever need someone to talk to, we are always here.
  • If you need an honest review on your art…we can most certainly help out with that!
  • We can help grammer check your new story.
  • We can read your story and give you advice.
  • If you ever have writers block or have a coding error we can help!
  • @Kalizzza will also provide you with virtual tacos! (Lol)

This is supposed to be a fun thread so do not ruin that…if you do not like this thread then simply leave

We have a zero tolerance rule when it comes to drama, so if you do not want to be flagged and reported…DONT CAUSE DRAMA

Here are all of the memebers of this thread…each of has a nickname so please refer to them using the nickname:)

@NattyGomez - * BOOTIFUL NUTT :chestnut:

@Aerial_author - * BOMBY :bomb:

@BasicTrash - * LONELY AVOCATO :avocado:


@loveyourself - * BOODI BEAR :robot:

@Mbuyi – * TEACHERS PETTY BOO :dog2:

@Whoacoco - * LOVIE DA DOVIE :coconut:

@Epy.raven - * FLAMIN DORITOS :canned_food:

@BayGirl - * JELLY DA BEANIE :strawberry:


@Mbarroso - * LATIN BOOGIE :dancer:

@ErinH - * DA PIE :dog2:

@connollyep - * PUCHIPU :dancing_women:

@Lunar_Rose - * PINK ZOMBIE :bowing_woman:

@emmazapp - * GINGER COOKIE

@Kalizzza - * DA TACO QWEEN :crown::crown:

@Days - * DA PRRETZEL :pretzel::pretzel:

@Rac5hel - * TASTY SNACK :dango::dango:

@jenna1012 - * DA MELTING CHOCOLAT


@Kamorie1027 - * DA PUDDIN :purse:

These are so cute
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OHH MAA GASHH :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


Ikr I’m so happy now we need to go around telling everyone about it!!!


Dass wuutt i’m doing

My boyfriend kids

Imma mind reader…remember?


Would anyone here be willing to direct a story for me?


I am not fully able to commit to coding an entire story…but if you ever need help, I will always be here! One question have you ever coded before?


Wait I ma confused am I in the group or not


Hi! I was told to come here so you could read my story!!! Here is the link!!!


@NattyGomez told me that you did not want to be in the group for the reason that some people that are in it…if you changed your mind you are welcome to join


Oh no I do want to its just taht I didnt want to cause drama if I dont get along


Do not worry this group is drama free if anyone creates drama they will have to be kicked out…so would you like me to add you?


Yes please !


Okie Dokie


Is there a way I could join?


Welcome back:)


Yes I will add you to the gc!


OK! Thanks!


Ok someone will start reading your story shortly:)


@Lunar_Rose will be reviewing your story:)