•Episode Book Club•

As you can see in the title, this a book club. Not a R4R. We can agree on stories to read. It can’t not be your own so you can get reads. If you wish to to post your story, •Story Book Shop• We will meet every Saturday after being assigned to our next chapter.
The first book will be “The Marriage Councelor.” If this your story, please PM for further info. If you read this story already. Kindly restart it for a fresh experience with this book club! If you restarted to the maximum, PM me. Just say “Confirm.” If you want to participate.


Awwwww this sounds so fun I’d love to do this!!! And that’s the best story I’m starting


Your assignment is to read 1 & 2. :slight_smile:

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I like the concept of a book club. I would definitely like to participate (confirm).

1 & 2 Of The marriage councerlor! That’s your assignment

Thank you. Also, just to confirm the correct story, the author is Joriemar and the genre is Drama, correct?

Yes. It’s in the Adulting section.