Episode buddies!

Hey there! I’ve been reading Episodes for many years and now I decided to start my very own story! But none of my friend are playing this game, SO! I am looking for somebody to chat with, give advises to each other and give feedback on stories!

I’m currently writing a fantasy story! So if it would be awesome if you like that kind of stuff too!

And incase you wanna know the basic stuff about me, here it comes!
My name is Miirra
I’m 21 years old
Live in Sweden
I have a dog named Zayza
I got lots of humor, crazy ideas and a wild imagination!

Hope to hear from ya!
XoXo M

Hi I would like to help you

I wrote you a message! :smiley:

OK um can you please go to my posts and look at my latest one

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: