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Hey guys, I’ve been hearing a lot of negativity about how episode should have diversity, different bodies and more animations. I personally understand what you’re saying. But think of it like this, more people have just recognized episode, which means you’re gonna want more stuff and you’re gonna want it to be better. But you can’t do it all their coding, nearly 247 for our suggestions, and most of us just want a change. So I have an idea, let’s show episode where our mindset is it, so we don’t have add any pressure on them, we can make this easier for all of them and ourselves.

  • African American Diverse Hair
  • Diverse Shape
  • More Animations For Ink
  • More Clothes For Ink
  • New Ink Features
  • New Limelight Features
  • New Trending Selection
  • Other/State Why In The Comments

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I would vote for all though.


It’s kinda getting me mad when people say we are “complaining” making you part of the issue of silencing us and putting us into a demeaning position for the ones that care for this. We aren’t complaining, we are addressing and approaching Episode about these situations. The thing is: We shouldn’t have to ask. It should already be done. Constantly asking shouldn’t be the solution into getting this stuff, when they have claimed to be diverse and “an app for everyone”. :roll_eyes:


Sorry :confused::unamused::cold_sweat::sweat: I said that

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@Sydney_H is there anyway the Owner of the forums can see this?

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Other: I think that Episode needs to revolutionise the way in which they promote stories. We get bombarded with the featured stories whenever we open the app “READ THIS. ADD THIS TO YOUR SHELF”, but they seldom put successful community stories on the home page and don’t dedicate enough of their time on community stories. It would be nice if this could be changed so that the experience was better and it was easier to find diverse stories.




I mean what stupidness: some of my friends wanted to read my competition entry and they had to read a whole chapter of some stupid featured story just to get there. It turned them off!

I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind as much if the featured stories were more diverse and interesting.


Exactly, but I won’t let that stop, I can use my coding for the wheelchairs


(Votes for all)

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