Episode channels that are good for tutorials

So, this is my first community post. Not nervous…

Anyways, to all my fellow Episode creators out there, here are some Episode channels that can help you with your stories:

This channel is for tutorials and cool tips.

This one has a playlist designed for beginners, this really helped me kick off my Episode series (Still in development)

Those are the two most popular Episode tutorial channels out there. If you have another channel you think is good at making tutorials, comment it below! Thanks for reading! :blush:


There’s also Dara Amarie’s website, Mary D Sava’s coding school (patreon), J Miley and Amber J’s tutorials and Tal Gordin’s “Coding 101” on the app. (:

Edit: I don’t make videos, but I do have a guide on the forums that I almost entirely forgot about.


Thanks! I’ll check it out!

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