Episode Character Outfits

Just a question for the authors - I notice all the outfits always have the chokers with them - well sometimes they do. Is this something you all personally ad to the outfits or do they come with them? I personally think they mess up the outfits especially when they already have a necklace

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It’s something you can add if you want or completely skip but it goes well like an additional add-on…


It’s not necessary and it doesn’t come with the outfit. You can add if if you want and if not, you don’t need to add it. If you decide to include it, you can choose between a number of choker choices in the outfit catalog.


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I agree it goes well at times but sometimes it’s just overkill. I wish we had the option to add it or not.

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Oh ok - well I wish the reader could have the option to add it or not. Sometimes it’s too much. The character will already have on a necklace and then they add it on top. I feel like all the stories I read the author utilizes it with every outfit.

I am an exception…:joy:

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Yeah, I think I’ve seen some people ask for the same (but with different clothing.) Most people probably use it if the outfit feels empty or something. Because I certainly use watches or bracelets to occupy the outfits I make when it looks empty. :joy:

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Yeah I agree - I love the bracelet and watches. Maybe I’m just not a choker person lol. But to each it’s own - doesn’t stop me from reading the story :joy:


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