Episode Character Types

Are the loading screen characters suppose to be the next set of characters that the creators are making? For exmaple before limelight characters didn’t they have limelight avatars in the loading screen?

They had ink characters in the loading screen. Like mean girls, demi lovato, Pretty little liars and the dolan twins. But idk.


Could be the case. I thought so too. But those special stories were a hybrid mix of limelight and ink. Either way, it would take 3-5 years ahead or more for that drastic change to happen again.

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Wow y so much?

All the hairstyles, animations (notice how limelight and ink don’t repeat), making sure glitches don’t happen from a single movement. making clothing And the demand to make a functional story. Even limelights updated features dont cover what people want. For ex, historical clothes just came in a few days ago. People still want, African, Asian, Middle Eastern traditional clothing, Theres no point in making a cute animation if its useless.