Episode characters editing

Any idea on how to improve the quality of episodes character editing??? :cry: And which app will be best for this? Idk why but ibis is just ruining my quality :person_fencing:and it’s very annoying!

ibis is very good if you use the right brushes and tools, like turning on stabliser and using force fade with dip pen x

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hoenstly I know it’s annoying to hear but it’s really about practice. figuring out your sytle and how to get to it x

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How to get better quality?

  • U should use episode app to take screen shots from. (yeah, u will have to code a little for that)
  • Use a bigger canvas size in ibis to get the good quality.
  • U can use remini as well. (I dont use it tho)

Yeah I think thats all

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I make my characters as big as possible depending on the pose in the portal, take ss on my phone on the app for better quality. Also when doing full body edits, I zoom right in on the legs, take a ss, then the head and torso and take a second ss, and stick them together when editing, makes the quality to much better honestly.


You can use this


Hope this helps

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I just started practicing how to draw yesterday and I use ibisPaint X on my iPhone and It’s pretty good!!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ALL :pleading_face::heart: for the advices and tips it really helped me a lot to improve thanks again it really means a lot!

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