Episode characters you hate

Is there a character or multiple characters you’ve encountered in an Episode story that you hate with a burning passion? I’ve got a couple, but I want to see yours.

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I HATE Queen Mara from The Ruby Tiara! I know she’s a villain so you’re meant to hate her, but the author did such a good job in writing her character.

I hate all of the characters from It’ll Be Our Secret. They’re all cheaters and try to justify their actions by bringing up the actions of their spouse, especially the MC and the LI. It could’ve been avoided if they just all got divorced. The fact that it’s an official story makes it more gross.


I’ve recently reading Everything Stays and although a fair amount of the characters I don’t like (and you’re not meant to like them), one of the LI’s Xolo is probably one of the most insufferable characters I have encountered in an Episode story (at least as of recent). He is such an incredible a**hole to the MC, and although you see how it got started due to unforeseen circumstances, he attitude lasts so long and he constantly goes back and forth between liking and hating the MC I can’t stand him. He did apologize for it, but it was only ONE SENTENCE. MC deserves a damn essay of an apology at least!!! Unfortunately I’m so far into the story, and might as well finish it cause I’m admittedly interested how things will turn out in the end, but him and his character has gotten me close many times to stop reading it.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (I just needed to get this off my chest.)

I also hate (I think her name is) Catherine from Clumsy Super Girl. She was funny at the beginning of the story but she got more and more annoying especially with her forcing a polyamory relationship. Made it worse that it was the subplot. Ugh.:confounded:

Hmm, that’s hard-

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I hate Sarah Neal from ‘Forum For The Lonely Hearts’ by @ClareABella, she’s the LI’s ex (and hurt the LI in physical way in the past.) But for the rest I don’t have other characters I hate with a passion.


I hate julia from ‘dirty blood’ like I can understand her anger that someone who she thought could possibly be her mate wouldn’t even look at her as an option because of a human but I will always hate her for what she did. She should have just accepted that he was not meant for her when she learned they weren’t mates at 18, instead she decides she knows better and decides to seek out a witch and curse the poor guys wolf into loving her KNOWING he had someone he loved and a CHILD and then after FINDING her mate decides instead of letting the poor guy free to raise his wife and child, she would instead try take down his entire family pack that he never even wanted whilst having kids with him whilst he’s under the spell and whilst she had found her friggen mate.


I hate the MC’s mother from Becoming Queen Bee. She was disgustingly unlikable and she clearly was a megabitch. Also, she clearly is the epitome of any Karen out there. I would seriously hate for her to be my mother.


You know, I’ve read the story but I barely remember anything from it. :sweat_smile:


I also hate Blake from Rebranding the Rockstar. He should’ve been held accountable for stealing the LI’s song.



Definitely Carter from Tempting Devil. Bullying the protagonist simply because you can’t admit you have feelings for her? Really?


Probably the worst love interest I have encountered on the entire app.



Not really. I like a lot of antagonists because they’re either funny and / or just written very well.

The only time I hate a character is when it’s an annoying MC (0 self-awareness, timid, not like other girls, etc.) or LI (knight in shining armor, cheater, jealous, etc.).

And I don’t remember the names of these actual characters because I normally click off the story lmao.