Episode Characters You Strongly Dislike

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Wow, I haven’t created a thread in a while.

Anyway, this thread is to name some characters that you hate strongly dislike in Episode stories. I’m not talking about types of characters, but…actual characters. XD

Also name what story they are from!

Here’s all the characters I’ve seen that I don’t like:

  • Olivia (My Sister’s Crush - Melissa LaVone)
  • Queen Mara / King Nilus (The Ruby Tiara - Wincy W.)
  • Aurelia (Moonlit Feathers - Wincy W.)
  • Kendall (Attracted to the Nerd)

I can’t think of any more at the moment… :sweat_smile:

So, what are some story characters you strongly dislike? Comment below!

Sorry if this thread is already made, I searched but couldn’t find anything.


the king from Adrenaline
Frank’s dad from Adrenaline
Liane’s mom from Adrenaline

basically any of the villains from Adrenaline

  • The MC in kiss list
  • Yan - My alien lover
  • Myself

Ainsley from Complicated

& basically every mean girl. ALMOST.


•Kelsey from without you-

im sorry I just dONT like her

•Rose from Adrenaline
•I forgot every characters name lmao


•Hannah’s mum in dead woman walking
•George in friends or lovers (or fake love if you are looking for the non featured one)
•Corah’s mum in running from reality
•Berlinda in under you

All these stories are rlly good though it’s just these characters REALLY get on my nerves :joy:


Rose (Liane’s mum) from Adrenaline. That character is just…:clown_face:.


Villains or just characters that we find annoying?

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Any character you don’t like.


Not sure why, but Prue from Toothbrush - Lucky. I absolutely love all of Lucky’s stories, but I just don’t like Prue. Maybe because I see myself in her, who knows :sweat_smile:


Jay Stone from Bad boys girl lol. He was so annoying.


Omg wait bye I actually liked him-
But not his character details :new_moon_with_face::joy:




I was so pissed off when she killed the police officer and his wife


Wow I rarely dislike characters from stories but:

  • Every person who agreed with the system in adrenaline (I hate them)
  • Caleb - Faking death (I like him at the start but thenn…eh???)
  • Arlo from War Dogs

Elizabeth, Kyle and Adrian’s mother in Body Tangle

Any MC that literally cries every scene or is overly dramatic for no reasonso annoying I don’t remember names right now…

Any so called “Best Friend” that drags you to parties when you don’t want to like the best friend of the MC of The Assistant

Stephen and Sam Rivers from Skin Deep

Valentina from Doberman bad personality that is obsessed with LI when he treats her bad I have yet to see one that leaves his sorry

I’m stopping because I can’t remember more :sweat_smile:

  • Alessia’s mum, Christina, in Bubblegum by Sarah Dove

  • Liane’s mum, Rose, in Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni

  • Sindy in Faking it by dkr_episodes

  • Walter (the MC’s ex- fiancé, I think that was his name, if I am not mistaken. If so, let me know) in Under You by E R Gurney

  • Veronica Palmeiro and the MC’s ex boyfriend (lol I can’t seem to remember his name rn, let me know what his name is) in Toothbrush by Lucky

  • Clementine in Diary of a Troublemaker by TORIAH

  • Victor, Cece and Chris’ father in Undeniable Flame by Xandra M

  • Mallory’s father in Drive Me Wild by LadyDianna

  • Jamie in The Lovely One, by Naemi

  • Ella in Do You Know Me? By Wincy W.

  • Queen Mara and King Nilus in The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W.

  • Lily (and another character whose name I don’t remember) in Mine and Yours by Joriemar

aaand I think I am done for now, these were the first that came to mind :relieved:


I really don’t like the main LI in Living With My Crush. He’s so annoying.

I can only bear to read the story, because it gives me gems.


Probably an unpopular opinion, especially from CR fans lol but… Callie from Chain Reaction. I couldn’t stand her. I read the entire series (it was one of the first INK stories that I ever read) and I just can’t stand Callie.


Agreed :shushing_face:

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Somebody else who I really, really dislike: Emily from The Secret Of Rain! I hated her to the very core. The actual villain of the story (spoiler: Leon’s mother) is even less horrible than Emily.

There’s some items that Rain needs to get from this guy named Jack, I believe. He gives you a catch, and that’s to set him up on a date with Emily. (Why does he like that bastard? She’s the literal DEFINITION of a friend that I don’t want.) So, Rain tries to suggest to Emily to give Jack a chance, and she tells Rain that she must have MENTAL PROBLEMS! Poor freaking Rain…
So, thanks to Jack being a big woozy-pants about the catch, and Emily refusing your suggestion, you have to use your Immortal shape-shifting abilities to PRETEND TO BE Emily!

After successfully pretending to be Emily, and getting the item that you want, you discover that you need a new item. Now, here’s a new catch from Jack: you have to get Emily to introduce her PARENTS to him! When you speak to Emily’s mum (whilst posing as her.) she talks to you about you talking about this girl named Rain, who you think is a manipulative cow, for stealing your ‘crush’, Leon. So, basically, she’s been BACK-TALKING Rain, whilst they’ve been friends!

There’s another part where Jack and Emily discover about Rain being an immortal, and Emily bashes Rain with insults and attacks.
In the end, Rain apologises to Emily. But, really, EMILY SHOULD BE APOLOGISING TO RAIN! For her insults face-to-face and the insults BEHIND HER BLOODY BACK!

She’s one of my least favourite characters in all of Episode. I love The Secret of Rain and Joseph Evans, but I do NOT like Emily! All villains from his stories are way more likeable than her. At least they have an actual reasonable MOTIVE on why they’re mean to the MCs of his stories…

(Especially Lord Vaska from The Phoenix Prophecy, I found his motive really relatable and understanding…)