Episode Characters You Strongly Dislike

Mark from Dripping Mascara: Remember reading the story when I was around 12 and hating him. Still think of him as the first character I actually hated.
Lion from The Empire: He’s the worst. He’s a coldblooder killer. He also justifies kidnapping Akila and says shit like “respect the man who could kidnap you” so uh… okay? I’d get it if he was the villain but we’re supposed to like him.
Half of the characters from His: Don’t need to explain this.
The MC from The Gamer Girl: She’s wayyyy to obsessed with Adam/Skye. Like I get that she’s supposed to be socially awkward, but some of her actions are just too far. Like don’t kiss his/her picture in the middle of school you absolute dumbass.
Poppy from (featured) Save Me: She’s just mean and cliched.
Bernie from Obsession: Hes shit at everything he does. He’s just shit. I don’t get why he even… suggested sharing the mc to matteo like … that’s such a major risk to take know how psycho matteo is? matteo is obviously way more creepier but bernie… idk i dislike him more.
Quinn from Counting Sheep: Her being the Games Master was… she has no way to justify that. She’s completely self unaware and really, really delusional if she thinks she can “fix” a tradition of bullying and exploitation by sending uwu cute dares. She should have been the bad guy imo. She’d make for a good villain, but not a good LI.


Jenna (roomate of the MC) in featured story “Stray Heart”, she’s super judgemental & intrusive for nothing i hate that


The LI, the crazy ex, Jenna, the a*hole boss, and the criminal that the MC has to defend in Court Me/Toothbrush

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What’s wrong with Daniel/Dani from Toothbrush?

The fact that they basically force the MC into a relationship just because their parents find a second toothbrush in their bathroom. And for someone trying to make their parents think that they are more responsible faking a relationship is the worst way to go about it. Plus what if the MC said no to being her fake partner, for someone who wants her family’s respect, she would rather fake an entire relationship, have her parents meet and gain feelings for someone that has no say in being in this relationship then just saying that she was helping out a coworker that got drunk at a party.

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  • The LI from Never Cry Wolf (I literally cannot remember his name) - When Rory was a widow, I actually liked it better. He was really suffocating IMO.
  • Spencer from Upside Down - I just wanna note how strongly I hate this character, he literally was compliant with June’s abuser, destroyed evidence, and PROTECTED the man that made her life crappy - then lied about it for YEARS. He somehow gets her back years later because he got cheated on and that’s somehow karma enough? No. He deserves jail.
  • Chantelle from Intoxicate me
  • Alexis from Playing For Keeps - She lies to the LI so frequently?? He’s so patient with her, and she keeps walking all over him.
  • The roommate from Stray Heart